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Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Wealthcons Company is one of the leading prestigious general contractors in the construction industry in Vietnam. At Wealthcons, people are always the foundation in all activities of the company, so ensuring the safety and health of employees and being responsible for the working and living environment is a prerequisite that every employee Wealthcons must always think and act.


Always have the optimal solution to control well and effectively every problem, Wealthcons is confident of the company's suitability with all specific geographical, cultural and social factors of the region in Vietnam, as well as such as the complicated construction conditions and techniques in the construction industry, which always have high potential for safety and health risks that can be dangerous to workers at any time.


Wealthcons' occupational health and safety policy will be implemented consistently and synchronously across all projects, all jobs must be implemented with the priority "Safety is number one". Safety will always be value without any other compromise, trade-off or alternative.

Every Wealthcons person always acts with a sense of responsibility and sincerity. Always listen, record to maintain and improve, towards the best and more appropriate.

There are plans and safe construction measures to eliminate hazards and reduce risks for workers.

Selection of quality, suitable and safe construction machinery and equipment.

Organize training to improve skills and expertise for each Wealthcons employee to ensure capacity and efficiency for all assigned tasks.


Every employee of Wealthcons is always aware of Occupational Health and Safety as the foundation to protect themselves and those around them.

Creating and maintaining a safe working environment and conditions, preventing accidents and occupational diseases.

Bringing peace of mind and long-term commitment of employees with the development of Wealthcons.

Protecting the environment and natural resources by reducing pollutant emissions, controlling raw materials, collecting and treating waste and hazardous waste: With the motto, build a living space full of utilities and healthy living environment.

Documents and legal requirements

Develop regulations and safety measures to ensure compliance with practice and legal regulations. Developing safe construction methods is imperative to eliminate risks affecting workers.

The Occupational Health, Safety and Environment management system is documented, applied and maintained with forms, procedures, instructions, construction methods and training topics.

Wealthcons' Occupational Health and Environmental Safety, when implementing, will coordinate with customers and related parties to ensure internal conformity, in addition to compliance with current legal regulations.

Improvements and Reviews

 With the desire that the system will always be effectively implemented, Wealthcons always ensures the participation and consultation of employees in the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the Occupational Health and Safety management system and the environment. .

 "Continuous creation, continuous improvement, innovation for longevity" is the culture of Wealthcons people with the mission of "Building prosperity" for partners, customers and for each Wealthcons themselves.
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Work Area Warning
Health Check-up of Workers
Equip workers with seat belts
Electrical Safety Check
Periodic Safety Training