Key personnel

Le Mien Thuy
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Nguyen Luong Tri Quang
General Director
Nguyen Phi Kham
Operation Director
Operation Director
Ta Quang Vinh
Tender Director
Brett Nathan
Project Management Advisor
Nguyen Manh Tuan
Project Director (Head of Northern Representative Office)
Tran Anh Tuan
Interior Director
Vinh Dat
Head of MEP Construction Management Dept
Nguyen Van Isamaenl
Human Resources Director
Duong Xuan Tong
Machinery & Safety Director
Nguyen Dinh Luyen
Project Legal Manager
Mach Tho Long
Administration Director
Nguyen Phuc Binh An
Engineering Director
Vo Hoai Nam
Legal Director
Nguyen Thi Be Loan
Chief Accountant
Tran Thanh Cuong
M&E Project Director
Nguyen Minh Ha
MEP Director
Lai Tan Hung
Business Development Director
Ho Bao Long
Project Manager
Dang Tran Duc
Project Manager
Nguyen Thanh Son
Project Manager
Vu Van Huynh
Project Manager
Nguyen Duy Vu
Project Manager
Tran Van Minh
Project Manager
Vo Van Duc
Project Manager
Dam Thai Thuy
Project Manager


Wealthcons' competitive advantage is possessing an extremely strong, talented and enthusiastic staff team with professional qualifications and a high sense of responsibility, always committed to providing products and services that meet the needs of customers. about the quality and progress required by customers.




AT WEALTHCONSPeople are the most valuable asset

We understand that people are valuable assets of businesses. To have a Wealthcons like today, human resources is an indispensable and important factor.