L'avenir project reaches 150,000 safe hours


Do you know what Happiness is?

Hungry people say: "Eating is happiness"

Sleepy people say: "Sleeping is happiness"

As for WEALTHCONS Safety employees, happiness is "the moment of seeing workers return home safely after hours of hard work". Those are simple things but fully describe the value of the two words "happiness".

With L'avenir - a large-scale hotel project that is in the finishing stage, ensuring safety is even more a prerequisite. Foreseeing the risks of construction from working at height, at the edge... L'avenir project management team has continuously organized training sessions to strictly adhere to safety regulations during the construction period. , as well as carefully equipping workers with protection.

The Commendation Ceremony “150,000 Safe Working Hours” is a recognition of the great contribution of collectives and individuals in safety work at L’avenir Quy Nhon project.

It is the sum of 9 million minutes = 540 million seconds. Because every second that passes is precious, it is an achievement worthy of recognition. And more noble than ever is the happiness of every WEALTHCONS person on the path of Building Prosperity!