Human resources

The competitive advantage of Wealthcons is owning an extremely powerful, talented and enthusiastic staff with professional qualifications, a high sense of responsibility, and is always committed to providing products and services that meet the needs of customers in terms of quality and progress. We understand that people are valuable assets of the business. To build today's Wealthcons, human resources are an indispensable factor. That's why we always try to create the best conditions for each member at Wealthcons to develop their professional competences and ensure that regardless of position, each individual always does their best at work, contributing to the sustainable development of the Company.

Machinery resources

In order to increase competitiveness in the construction market, Wealthcons always focuses on updating and investing in the machinery system. In particular, special equipment such as modern and advanced tower cranes, hoists, aluminum formwork and scaffolding system are fully equipped and regularly updated in the list of key machinery and equipment.